How does it work?

An assessment of your prior learning (IKV) is always based on your documentation and the academic objectives of the specific subjects and levels at VUC. You can find these academic objectives for your particular subject(s) in the curricula on the website of the Ministry of Education and thus be guided in clarifying your qualifications. (For avu subjects (level G-D) here, the hf subjects (level C-A) here).

It is your own responsibility to come up with documentation for your competences (e.g. in the form of course descriptions and attendance certificates, references or letters of recommendation, honorary office, involvement in association activities). To support that your qualifications correspond to the academic objectives and core substance of the subject, we request that you make a focused description of your qualifications in relation to these, a so-called self-assessment. For this purpose, you can use our self-assessment form, which you can download here. To get a better overview, you may also make use of, which is a type of electronic CV where you can attach your documentation of qualifications acquired in the subject / subjects - this is optional.

At HF & VUC FYN the assessment process is as follows:

  • send a mail stating in which subject and level you want an IKV. Please attach your documentation and self-assessment, and possibly your CV/’My Competence Portefolio’
  • if you need counselling for this, you are welcome to get an appointment first
  • on the background of your documentation and self-assessment, the IKV counsellor will assess whether there is justification for an IKV. Is this the case, you will be offered an appointment for an initial interview with an IKV counsellor
  • at the meeting, the IKV counsellor will make a preliminary assessment of whether your qualifications in the subject/subjects are adequately documented. If so, the counsellor will draw up an agreed document which confirms that an IKV process has been started, and you will be referred to an IKV teacher in the subject/subjects in which you are going to be assessed
  • the IKV teacher is going to assess your documentation and your self-assessment to determine whether your qualifications can be recognized in relation to the academic objectives of the subject. Some qualifications can be recognized at face value solely on the basis of your documentation, while others must be tested in practice if your documentation is not detailed enough. The testing may include conversations and interviews, written assignments and tests (may be IT-based), oral assignments and practical exercises
  • the IKV teacher will contact you in order to make an appointment for the testing
  • if your qualifications are recognized by the IKV teacher, HF & VUC FYN will issue a certificate of ‘prior learning recognition’, which is equivalent to an exam certificate

NB! Please note that an IKV process may last 4 weeks